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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We carry many brands and types of contact lenses including lenses for astigmatism and bifocal lenses. We also have lenses for patients with keratoconus and who still need correction after refractive surgery. This includes Synergyes, Duettes and Metro Revitaleyes lenses.

We also have the newest lenses for patients with dry eyes, Safigel Daily Contact Lenses.

Dr. Rakich is also the only certified practioner for ChromaGen contact lenses for dyslexia and color blindness in the San Antonio area!

Contact Lenses for Dyslexia

Chromagen is a life-changing lens technology for reading problems and dyslexia. The ChromaGen System is patented, FDA-cleared, and available in glasses, contacts, or clip-ons. Users of ChromaGen Lenses who previously struggled with reading problems and dyslexia now report that headaches, nausea, and fatigue are gone and words are no longer moving on the page

Contact Lenses for Colored Blindness

Are you color blind? One in ten men and one in 200 women are colorblind. If you are can't get the job you really want, or if you just want to see life more vividly, ChromaGen contact lenses for color blindness could be your answer!

  • Firefighter
  • Police
  • Military
  • Airline or commercial pilot
  • Graphic artist
  • Electrician
  • Many other positions that require the ability to distinguish colors

Dr. Rakich is a certified ChromaGen practitioner. ChromaGen lenses have FDA clearance.

See the difference that ChromaGen contact lenses for colorblindness can make in your life!